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adt-virt-lxd - autopkgtest virtualisation server using LXD


adt-virt-lxd [options] image [-- extra lxc launch args...]


adt-virt-lxd provides an autopkgtest virtualisation server using LXD. It creates temporary
containers from the given LXD image name.

Normally adt-virt-lxd will be invoked by adt-run.


adt-virt-lxd makes no strict assumptions about the image. However, it is highly
recommended that the image has eatmydata installed, or at least that gets installed via
setup commands.

For production use, it is recommended to use adt-build-lxd(1) to generate an optimized
image with autopkgtest's standard setup commands applied. Then these setup commands don't
need to be applied for every test. This is particularly necessary if you want to use
--apt-source tests, i. e. use apt-get source in the test bed to download the package to
test. Standard images from linuxcontainers.org do not have "deb-src" apt sources by


-r remote | --remote=remote
Run container on given remote host instead of locally. See lxc remote list for
available remotes.

-d | --debug
Enables debugging output.

You can pass additional options to lxd launch: Anything after a -- gets appended verbatim
to lxc launch image.


The behaviour of adt-virt-lxd is as described by the AutomatedTesting virtualisation
regime specification.


Show available images on the standard linuxcontainers.org remote image server:

lxc image list images:

Run the tests of a local built directory tree on the current Debian sid image from the
above images: remote:

adt-run my-package/ --- lxd images:debian/sid/amd64

Run the tests in a local built directory tree from a local LXD image desktop/i386,
ensuring that eatmydata is installed:

adt-run --setup-commands 'apt-get install -y eatmydata' dir/to/test/ \
--- lxd desktop/i386

Run the tests of the libpng package on the current Debian sid image from the images:
remote on a remote armhf host:

lxc remote add armhf-test http://armhf.testlab.example.com:8443
adt-run --setup-commands=setup-testbed libpng --- \
lxd --remote armhf-test images:debian/sid/armhf

Build a local image with standard setup commands pre-applied from a remote standard image,
and run libpng test in it:

adt-build-lxd images:ubuntu/xenial/amd64
adt-run libpng --- lxd adt/ubuntu/xenial/amd64

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