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asntool - process ASN.1 module specifications


asntool [-] [-B filename] [-D N] [-G] [-I str] [-J type] [-K str] [-L str]
[-M filename,...] [-P str] [-Q] [-S filename] [-T filename] [-V] [-X filename] [-Z] [-b N]
[-d filename] [-e filename] [-f filename] [-l filename] -m filename [-o filename]
[-p filename] [-t str] [-v filename] [-w N] [-x filename]


asntool reads, validates, and displays ASN.1 module specifications.


A summary of options is included below.

- Print usage message

-B filename
Generate objects and code in files named filename.*

-D N Debugging level for code generation:
0 No debugging (default)
1 Shallow debugging
2 Deep debugging
3-9 Same as 2

-G Generate object loader .c and .h files

-I str Put "#include str" in generated .c file

-J type
Register type type with object manager

-K str In generated .c, force name of #included asn header to str

-L str Label registered type as str

-M filename,...
Search the ASN.1 modules in filename,... for external references

-P str XML module prefix for DOCTYPE

-Q Use quoted syntax form for generated include files

-S filename
Send debugging output to filename rather than stderr

-T filename
Dump ASN.1 tree to filename

-V Force CHOICE objects to use custom structures rather than ValNodePtrs, for
compatibility with some old hand-coded object loaders.

-X filename
Write XML DTD to filename. If filename is "m", print each module to a separate

-Z Bit twiddle for optional zero value base slots

-b N Use N-byte buffers (default = 1024; anything between 512 and 10000 is legal)

-d filename
Read binary values from filename (requires -t)

-e filename
Write binary values to filename

-f filename
Write ASN.1 module to filename

-l filename
Write ASN.1 loader to filename

-m filename
Read ASN.1 module from filename

-o filename
Write header to filename

-p filename
Write print values to filename

-t str Expect binary values to have type str

-v filename
Read print values from filename

-w N Limit values in #defines to N bits (default = 31; anything between 31 and 128 is

-x filename
Write XML data to filename

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