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buildapp - application to create common lisp images


buildapp --output OUTPUT-FILE [--flag1 value1 ...]


Required flags:
--output OUTPUT-FILE
Use OUTPUT-FILE as the name of the executable to create

Entry-point flags:
--entry NAME
Use the function identified by NAME as the executable's toplevel function. Called
with SB-EXT:*POSIX-ARGV* as its only argument. If NAME has a colon, it is treated
as a package separator, otherwise CL-USER is the implied package.

--dispatched-entry DNAME
Specify one possible entry function, depending on the name of the file that is used
to start the application. The syntax of DNAME is APPLICATION-NAME/ENTRY-NAME. If
the name used to start the executable matches APPLICATION-NAME, use ENTRY-NAME as
the entry point. This can be used to choose one of many possible entry points by
e.g. symlinking names to the application executable. If APPLICATION-NAME is empty,
the specified ENTRY-NAME is used as a default if no other application names match.
There may be any number of dispatched entry points, but only one default.

Action flags:
--load FILE
Load FILE. CL:*PACKAGE* is bound to the CL-USER package before loading

--load-system NAME
Load an ASDF system identified by NAME

--require NAME

--eval CODE
Use CL:EVAL to evaulate CODE. The code is read with CL:READ-FROM-STRING in the
CL-USER package

There may be any number of load/load-system/require/eval flags. Each is executed in
command-line order before creating an executable.

Load path flags:
--load-path DIRECTORY
When handling a --load, search DIRECTORY for files to load

--asdf-path DIRECTORY
When handling a --load-system, search DIRECTORY for ASDF system files to load

--asdf-tree DIRECTORY
When handling a --load-system, search DIRECTORY and all its subdirectories for ASDF
system files to load

There may be any number of load-path/asdf-path/asdf-tree flags. asdf-path arguments take
precedence over asdf-tree arguments.

Other flags:
--help Show this usage message

--logfile FILE
Log compilation and load output to FILE

Use PATH-TO-SBCL instead of the sbcl program found in your PATH environment

For the latest documentation, see http://www.xach.com/lisp/buildapp/

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