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dbiproxy - A proxy server for the DBD::Proxy driver


dbiproxy <options> --localport=<port>


This tool is just a front end for the DBI::ProxyServer package. All it does is picking
options from the command line and calling DBI::ProxyServer::main(). See DBI::ProxyServer
for details.

Available options include:

(UNIX only) After doing a bind(), change root directory to the given directory by
doing a chroot(). This is useful for security, but it restricts the environment a lot.
For example, you need to load DBI drivers in the config file or you have to create
hard links to Unix sockets, if your drivers are using them. For example, with MySQL, a
config file might contain the following lines:

my $rootdir = '/var/dbiproxy';
my $unixsockdir = '/tmp';
my $unixsockfile = 'mysql.sock';
foreach $dir ($rootdir, "$rootdir$unixsockdir") {
mkdir 0755, $dir;
require DBD::mysql;

'chroot' => $rootdir,

If you don't know chroot(), think of an FTP server where you can see a certain
directory tree only after logging in. See also the --group and --user options.

Config files are assumed to return a single hash ref that overrides the arguments of
the new method. However, command line arguments in turn take precedence over the
config file. See the "CONFIGURATION FILE" section in the DBI::ProxyServer
documentation for details on the config file.

Turn debugging mode on. Mainly this asserts that logging messages of level "debug" are

(UNIX only) Facility to use for Sys::Syslog. The default is daemon.

After doing a bind(), change the real and effective GID to the given. This is useful,
if you want your server to bind to a privileged port (<1024), but don't want the
server to execute as root. See also the --user option.

GID's can be passed as group names or numeric values.

By default a daemon is listening to any IP number that a machine has. This attribute
allows one to restrict the server to the given IP number.

This attribute sets the port on which the daemon is listening. It must be given
somehow, as there's no default.

Be default logging messages will be written to the syslog (Unix) or to the event log
(Windows NT). On other operating systems you need to specify a log file. The special
value "STDERR" forces logging to stderr. See Net::Daemon::Log for details.

The server can run in three different modes, depending on the environment.

If you are running Perl 5.005 and did compile it for threads, then the server will
create a new thread for each connection. The thread will execute the server's Run()
method and then terminate. This mode is the default, you can force it with

If threads are not available, but you have a working fork(), then the server will
behave similar by creating a new process for each connection. This mode will be used
automatically in the absence of threads or if you use the "--mode=fork" option.

Finally there's a single-connection mode: If the server has accepted a connection, he
will enter the Run() method. No other connections are accepted until the Run() method
returns (if the client disconnects). This operation mode is useful if you have
neither threads nor fork(), for example on the Macintosh. For debugging purposes you
can force this mode with "--mode=single".

(UNIX only) If this option is present, a PID file will be created at the given
location. Default is to not create a pidfile.

After doing a bind(), change the real and effective UID to the given. This is useful,
if you want your server to bind to a privileged port (<1024), but don't want the
server to execute as root. See also the --group and the --chroot options.

UID's can be passed as group names or numeric values.

Suppresses startup of the server; instead the version string will be printed and the
program exits immediately.

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