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dctimestep - compute annual simulation time-step via matrix multiplication


dctimestep DCspec [ skyvec ]
dctimestep Vspec Tbsdf.xml Dmat.dat [ skyvec ]


Dctimestep has two invocation forms. In the first form, dctimestep is given a daylight
coefficient specification and an optional sky vector, which may be read from the standard
input if unspecified. The daylight coefficients are multiplied against this vector and
the results are written to the standard output. This may be a list of color values or a
combined Radiance image, as explained below.

In the second form, dctimestep takes four input files, forming a matrix expression. The
first argument is the View matrix file that specifies how window output directions are
related to some set of measured values, such as an array of illuminance points or images.
This matrix is usually computed by rtcontrib(1) for a particular set of windows or
skylight openings. The second argument is the window transmission matrix, or BSDF, given
as a standard XML description. The third argument is the Daylight matrix file that
defines how sky patches relate to input directions on the same opening. This is usually
computed using genklemsamp(1) with rtcontrib in a separate run for each window or skylight
orientation. The final input is the sky contribution vector, usually computed by
genskyvec(1), which may be passed on the standard input. This data must be in ASCII
format, whereas the View and Daylight matrices are more efficiently represented as binary
float data if machine byte-order is not an issue.

Sent to the standard output of dctimestep is either an ASCII color vector with as many RGB
triplets as there are rows in the View matrix, or a combined Radiance picture. Which
output is produced depends on the first argument. A regular file name will be loaded and
interpreted as a matrix to generate a color results vector. A file specification
containing a '%d' format string will be interpreted as a list of Radiance component
pictures, which will be summed according to the computed vector.


To compute workplane illuminances at 3:30pm on Feb 10th:

gensky 2 10 15:30 | genskyvec | dctimestep workplaneDC.dmx > Ill_02-10-1530.dat

To compute an image at 10am on the equinox from a set of component images:

gensky 3 21 10 | genskyvec | dctimestep viewc%03d.hdr > view_03-21-10.hdr

To compute a set of illuminance contributions for Window 1 on the Winter solstice at 2pm:

gensky 12 21 14 | genskyvec | dctimestep IllPts.vmx Blinds20.xml Window1.dmx >

To compute Window2's contribution to an interior view at 12 noon on the Summer solstice:

gensky 6 21 12 | genskyvec | dctimestep view%03d.hdr Blinds30.xml Window2.dmx >

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