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dh_apparmor - reload AppArmor profile and create local include


dh_apparmor [--manifest=manifestfile] --profile-name=profilename


dh_apparmor is a debhelper program that will create/remove the
/etc/apparmor.d/local/<profilename> include file in maintainer scripts. It also reloads
the specified AppArmor profile in postinst using:

apparmor_parser -r -W -T /etc/apparmor.d/<profilename>

By using '-W -T' we ensure that any abstraction updates are also pulled in.


Specify the profile name. Eg:

dh_apparmor --profile-name=bin.foo dh_apparmor --profile-name=bin.foo -p foo

Optionally specify a manifest file. When specified, a profile is generated by calling
aa-easyprof(8) with the specified manifest file and putting the resulting profile in
debian/apparmor/<profilename>. Eg, if there is a valid manifest in
debian/manifest.json, then the following command will create debian/apparmor/bin.bar
for the 'bar' package (you will need to clean this up via override_dh_clean or

dh_apparmor --manifest=manifest.json --profile-name=bin.bar -p bar

Because not all build enviroments support the apparmor kernel interface,
aa-easyprof(8) is called with the --no-verify option. Use of this option requires that
apparmor-easyprof is installed.


When using modern dh packaging techniques, dh_apparmor can be added to the
override_dh_install section of the rules file. Note that for packages that have multiple
binary packages, you will want to pass '-p<package name>' to dh_apparmor, otherwise
dh_apparmor will add AppArmor reload commands for all packages rather than just the one
that ships the profile.

In addition, you will have to install the profile itself in /etc/apparmor.d. Eg, in the
above manifest file example if you are using dh_install you would add to

debian/apparmor/bin.bar etc/apparmor.d

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