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dh-exec-illiterate - Write literate debhelper config files!


#! /usr/bin/dh-exec --with=illiterate,subst,install
Greetings, my dear reader, and welcome to the awesome world of
literate programming!

Today, we're going to explore how to write a debhelper install file in
a literate manner. Trust me, it's going to be lots and lots of fun!

So, what exactly are we trying to accomplish? We're going to try
installing a file from `src/this-file' in the source tree, to a
multi-arched path in the binary file. Lets say, to

Of course, ${DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH} is a variable, and will be expanded
later in the dh-exec pipeline. It'll be something like

Furthermore, we want to install all files from the 'usr/lib' directory
under debian/tmp. If we were writing an illiteral install file, we'd
write this rule as:


But the above description is much easier to understand, isn't it?

We're almost finished! One thing left to do, is to install a script
named `rename-me', to `/usr/share/foo/new-name' - we renamed it
in the process!


The dh-exec-illiterate sub-command, unlike the others, does not serve any particular case,
except to serve as a warning to all, that things can be taken to an extreme, even with
dh-exec. On the other hand, it is just like the other sub-commands in that it must not be
called directly, but through dh-exec(1), which automatically runs all available
sub-commands if run bare; or explicitly with dh-exec --with=illiterate.

It is a program that will translate its input from pretty much free-form text into
something that resembles an install file. At least, that's the only supported output
format for now.

Everything that's not recognised, will be ignored, and not printed. The recognised
constructs are:

`source' ... `destination'
The first string between a backtick and a single quote will be treated as the
source file, the next such string will be the destination. If the destination ends
with a slash, dh-exec-illiterate will consider it a directory, otherwise it will
output a construct that dh-exec-install can recognise as a rename operation.

A string, without whitespace, between two single quotes is treated as a source,
whose destination is unspecified, and is left up to dh_install(1) to figure out.


Indicates which directory the command-specific scripts should be sought for. If not
specified, scripts will be searched for in /usr/share/dh-exec/.

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