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dht -- Debian Haskell Packaging Tools


./dht subcommand [args..]


This is the Debian Haskell Team multi purpose tool, combining various more or less useful

Supported subcommands:

· cabal-debian - Run cabal-debian with inferred parameters

· dch - Append the changelog

· debian2dsc - generate a dsc file from a debian directory

· init - Create an initial packaging

· make-all - Rebuilds a set of packages

· mass-change - Apply a change to many packages

· tag - Tag a built pakage

· upgrade - Upgrade a package to the version in the package plan

· upload - Uploads, tags and pushes

· what-to-build - Find packages to be built

· what-to-upgrade --help failed * what-to-upload - Lists .changes files that should be


dht cabal-debian
Usage: dht cabal-debian [option...]

This is a wrapper around cabal-debian that tries to infer a few useful facts: * If the
test suite is enabled. * Which Cabal flags are to be used. * The source package name.

None of these checks are perfect, so check the result.

It also passes --official.

dht dch
Usage: dht dch [debchange option]

This is a wrapper for debchange(1), which will implement our custom heuristics of whether
a new changelog entry should be created, or the current one be amended: If there current
one is tagged, create a new one, else append the current one.

It passes either --append or --increment to debchange, so you should not.

dht debian2dsc
Usage: dht debian2dsc [-o output/] [dir ...]

Expects directories containing the contents of the debian/ directory of a Debian source
package (i.e. control, changelog, watch, ...). Uses the watch file to retrieve the
upstream tarball (unless it already exists in the local directory), creates a
debian.tar.xz tarball from the given directory (ignoring the ususal suspects like _darcs
and *~) and creates a corresponding .dsc file; all without unpacking the upstream tarball.

dht init
Usage: dht init [-D distribution] Cabal-Pkg ...

This script will:

· Query the package plan for the desired version number of CabalPkg.

· Use cabal unpack --pristine to fetch the source into the right directory

· Run cabal-debian --official to initialize the packaging.

· Optimistically mark the package as ready for release

· Commit this to git.

Please review the package afterwards, in particular debian/copyright.

dht make-all
Usage: dht make-all [--excluded-packages PKG,PKG,...] [-o|--output DIR] [--bindmount DIR]
[-j|--jobs INT] [-c|--chroot SCHROOT][--shake-verbosity VERBOSITY]
[--keep-going][--sbuild-option OPTION] [TARGET...] Rebuilds a set of packages

Available options: -h,--help Show this help text --excluded-packages PKG,PKG,... comma or
space separated list of source package names to ignore (default: ghc, ghc-testsuite,
haskell-devscripts, haskell98-report, haskell-platform) -o,--output DIR output directory
(default: "lab") --bindmount DIR directory bind-mounted in the schroot (default: "/tmp")
-j,--jobs INT number of parallel jobs (default: 1) -c,--chroot SCHROOT name of the schroot
to use (default: "haskell") --shake-verbosity VERBOSITY verbosity for shake (Silent,
Quiet, Normal, Loud, Chatty or Diagnostic) (default: Normal) --keep-going keep going even
if there are errors --sbuild-option OPTION An option to pass on to sbuilder (can be passed
multiple times)

dht mass-change
Usage: dht mass-change [-n] [MESSAGE] [ACTION] DIRECTORY ...

This script runs ACTION in each of the given directories. If the ACTION effected a
change, it will add MESSAGE to the changelog.

It assumes that all directories are in the same git repository as this script. It ensures
that the repository is clean tobegin with, and will commit all changes at once at the end,
if there was a change.

dht tag
Usage: dht tag [--dry-run] [directory..]

For all given directories, which should be Debian source packages, figure out the current
version from debian/changeslog and create a tag, tagging the youngest git commit that
changed this particular source package.

With --dry-run it simply checks if it could tag everything (suite not UNRELEASED, not
already tagged), and returns 0 if it could.

dht upgrade
Usage: dht upgrade [-D dist] directory/

This script will:

· Query the package plan for the desired version number.

· Run debchange to amend the debian/changlog.

· Run cabal-debian --official --upgrade to upgrade the packaging.

· Optimistically mark the package as ready for release

· Commit this to git.

At the end, it will rightfully ask you to review the changes, giving you a helpful link to
the diff between the upstream sources.

dht upload
Usage: dht upload foo.changes

Signs the .changes file and the corresponding .dsc file in a temporary location (to avoid
touching the original files), uploads them to the archive using dput ssh-upload and tags
them in the repository and pushes the tag.

If no changes file is given, but the script is run in a debian source package, it checks
the parent directory for an appropriately named changes file, just like debrelease(1)
would do.

Checks that the distribution is not UNRELEASED and that the tag does not exist already.

dht what-to-build
Usage: dht what-to-build [directory..]

For all given directories (defaults to p/*/), check if they are to be built. This means,
in particular:

· The latest entry in debian/changelog is not UNRELEASED, and

· there is no corresponding tag in the git repository.

dht what-to-upgrade
dht what-to-upload
Usage: dht what-to-upload foo.changes ..

Given a number of changes files, reports hose that should be uploaded, i.e. the
distribution is not UNRELEASED and that the tag does not exist already.


Debian Haskell Group.


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