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flow-nfilter — Filter flows.


flow-nfilter [-hk] [-b big|little] [-C comment] [-d debug_level] [-f filter_fname]
[-F filter_definition] [-v variable binding] [-z z_level]


The flow-nfilter utility will filter flows based on user selectable criteria. Filters are
defined in a configuration file and are composed of primitives and a definition.
Definitions contain match lines grouped to form logical AND and OR operations on the flow
using the selected primitives. A definition may contain the invert command which will
invert the result of the evaluation.

Words in the configuration file of the form @VAR or @{VAR:-default} will be expanded at
run-time by setting variable names with the -v option.

Filter primitives begin with the filter-primitive keyword followed by a symbolic name.
Each primitive has a type defined below. A list of permit and or deny keywords followed
by an argument are later evaulated to determine if the flow is permitted or denied. The
default action for a primitive is to deny which may be changed with the default keyword.
Symbolic substitutions are done where appropriate.

The match keyword in a definition selects the criteria to match a primitive. A match type
may allow more than one type of primitive, for example the src-ip-addr match type will
accept any of {ip-address, ip-address-mask, ip-address-prefix} primitive types.

Primitive type Type Description/Example
as Bucket Autonomous System Number.

ip-address-prefix-len Numeric Integer from 0 to 32.

ip-protocol Bucket Integer from 0 to 255.

ip-tos Bucket Integer from 0 to 255 with mask.

ip-tcp-flags Bucket Integer from 0 to 255 with mask.

ifindex Bucket Integer from 0 to 65535

engine Bucket Integer from 0 to 255.

ip-port Bucket Integer from 0 to 65535.

ip-address Hash List of IP Addresses.

ip-address-mask List List of IP address/mask pairs.

ip-address-prefix Trie List of IP address/mask pairs.

tag Hash List of tags.

tag-mask List List of tags.

counter List List of Integers with qualifier.
lt 32

time List List of relative time specifiers.
gt 5:00

time-date List List of absolute time specifiers.
gt December 12, 2002 5:13:21

double List List of doubles with qualifier.
lt 32.0

rate Element Rate is calculated as 1/rate.
permit 100

Match type Description Primitives accepted
source-as Source AS as

destination-as Destination AS as

ip-source-address Source IP Address ip-address,

ip-destination-address Destination IP Address ip-address,

ip-exporter-address Exporter IP Address ip-address,

ip-nexthop-address NextHop IP Address ip-address,

ip-shortcut-address Shortcut IP Address ip-address,

ip-protocol IP Protocol ip-protocol

Source IP address ip-address-prefix-len
prefix length

Destination IP address ip-address-prefix-len
prefix length

ip-tos IP Type Of Service ip-tos

ip-marked-tos IP Type Of Service ip-tos

ip-tcp-flags IP/TCP Flags ip-tcp-flags

ip-source-port Source IP Port ip-port

ip-destination-port Destination IP Port ip-port

input-interface Source ifIndex ifindex
eg Input Interface

output-interface Destination ifIndex ifindex
eg Output Interface

start-time Start Time of flow time, time-date

end-time End Time of Flow time, time-date

flows Number of flows counter

octets Number of octets counter

packets Number of packets counter

duration Duration of flow in ms counter

engine-id Engine ID engine

engine-type Engine Type engine

source-tag Source Tag tag, tag-mask

destination-tag Destination Tag tag, tag-mask

pps Packets Per Second double

bps Bits Per Second double

random-sample Random Sample rate


-b big|little
Byte order of output.

-C Comment
Add a comment.

-d debug_level
Enable debugging.

-f filter_fname
Filter list filename. Defaults to /etc/flow-tools/cfg/filter.

-F filter_definition
Select the active definition. Defaults to default.

-h Display help.

-k Keep time from input.

-v variable binding
Set a variable FOO=bar.

-z z_level
Configure compression level to z_level. 0 is disabled (no compression), 9 is
highest compression.

TIME/DATE parsing

time-date parsing is implemented with getdate.y, a commonly used function to process free-
form time date specifications. Example usage borrowed from cvs:
1 month ago
2 hours ago
400000 seconds ago
last year
last Monday
a fortnight ago
3/31/92 10:00:07 PST
January 23, 1987 10:05pm
22:00 GMT


An example of filter configuration file.

filter-primitive srate
type rate
permit 100

filter-primitive test-as
type as
permit 600,159

filter-primitive test-prefix-len
type ip-address-prefix-len
permit 32

filter-primitive test-protocol
type ip-protocol
permit tcp

filter-primitive test-tos
type ip-tos
mask 0xA0
permit 0xE0

filter-primitive test-tcp-flags
type ip-tcp-flags
mask 0x2
permit 0x2

filter-primitive test-ifindex
type ifindex
permit 0,5,10

filter-primitive test-engine
type engine
permit 0

filter-primitive test-port
type ip-port
permit https
permit 80
default deny

filter-primitive test-address
type ip-address
default deny

filter-primitive test-address-mask
type ip-address-mask

filter-primitive test-prefix
type ip-address-prefix
default deny

filter-primitive test-tag
type tag
permit 0x00
permit 0x01
permit 0xFF

filter-primitive test-tag-mask
type tag-mask
permit OSU 0xFF
permit 0xFF 0xFF
default deny

filter-primitive test-counter
type counter
permit lt 5
permit gt 10
default deny

filter-primitive test-time-date
type time-date
permit gt December 12, 2002 5:13:21

filter-primitive test-time
type time-date
permit gt 12:15:00

filter-definition sample-1-in-100
match random-sample srate

filter-definition t1
match engine-type test-engine
match destination-tag test-tag-mask

Display all flows with a destination port of 80 or source port of 25 (smtp) starting after
Dec 12, 2001. The file test is populated with the following:

filter-primitive port80
type ip-port
permit 80

filter-primitive port25
type ip-port
permit smtp

filter-primitive dec12
type time-date
permit gt Dec 12, 2001

filter-definition foo
match ip-source-port port80
match start-time dec12
match ip-destination-port port25
match start-time dec12

flow-cat flows | flow-nfilter -ftest -Ffoo | flow-print

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