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fluxbox-remote - command line access to key commands for fluxbox(1)


fluxbox-remote command


fluxbox-remote(1) is designed to allow scripts to execute most key commands from
fluxbox(1). fluxbox-remote(1) will only work with fluxbox(1): its communications with
fluxbox(1) are not standardized in any way. It is recommended that a standards-based tool
such as wmctrl(1) be used whenever possible, in order for scripts to work with other
window managers.


fluxbox-remote(1) uses the X11 protocol to communicate with fluxbox(1). Therefore, it is
possible for any user with access to the X(7) server to use fluxbox-remote(1). For this
reason, several key commands have been disabled. Users should be aware of the security
implications when enabling fluxbox-remote(1), especially when using a forwarded X(7)


session.screen0.allowRemoteActions: <boolean>
This resource in ~/.fluxbox/init must be set to ‘true’ in order for fluxbox-remote(1)
to function. Please read the CAVEATS first.


In order to communicate with fluxbox(1), the DISPLAY environment variable must be set
properly. Usually, the value should be ‘:0.0’.


This man page written by Mark Tiefenbruck <mark at fluxbox.org>

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