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gtimer - an application for recording time spent on user-defined tasks.


gtimer [-midnight offset] [-weekstart day] [-nosplash] [-resume] [-start task]


GTimer allows the user to time one or more activities. Users define tasks that can be
timed. Text annotations can also be added to tasks. Reports can be generated that
summarize time spent and annotations.


-midnight offset
Specify the offset of midnight to use. Users can allow time spent after midnight
to be recorded for the previous day. For example, the command

gtimer -midnight 400

will not consider everything 3:59AM the previous day.

-weekstart day
Specify which day of the week should be considered the beginning of the week when
generating reports. day should be a number between 0 and 6, where 0 is Sunday.
For example, the command

gtimer -weekstart 1

will use Monday as the first day of the week for all weekly reports. The default
is 0 (Sunday).

-resume Start timing any tasks that were still be timed when GTimer last exited.

-start taskname
Start timing the specified task immediately. This option can be used more than
once on the command line. For example, you can start a tasks with:

gtimer -start 'GTimer development'

Do not display the splash window on startup.

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