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kill - send a signal to a process


kill [options] <pid> [...]


The default signal for kill is TERM. Use -l or -L to list available signals.
Particularly useful signals include HUP, INT, KILL, STOP, CONT, and 0. Alternate signals
may be specified in three ways: -9, -SIGKILL or -KILL. Negative PID values may be used to
choose whole process groups; see the PGID column in ps command output. A PID of -1 is
special; it indicates all processes except the kill process itself and init.


<pid> [...]
Send signal to every <pid> listed.

-s <signal>
--signal <signal>
Specify the signal to be sent. The signal can be specified by using name or
number. The behavior of signals is explained in signal(7) manual page.

-l, --list [signal]
List signal names. This option has optional argument, which will convert signal
number to signal name, or other way round.

-L, --table
List signal names in a nice table.

NOTES Your shell (command line interpreter) may have a built-in kill command. You may
need to run the command described here as /bin/kill to solve the conflict.


kill -9 -1
Kill all processes you can kill.

kill -l 11
Translate number 11 into a signal name.

kill -L
List the available signal choices in a nice table.

kill 123 543 2341 3453
Send the default signal, SIGTERM, to all those processes.

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