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lgsend - ION Load/Go command program


lgsend command_file_name own_endpoint_ID destination_endpoint_ID


ION Load/Go is a system for management of an ION-based network, enabling the execution of
ION administrative programs at remote nodes. The system comprises two programs, lgsend
and lgagent.

The lgsend program reads a Load/Go source file from a local file system, encapsulates the
text of that source file in a bundle, and sends the bundle to an lgagent task that is
waiting for data at a designated DTN endpoint on the remote node.

To do so, it first reads all lines of the Load/Go source file identified by
command_file_name into a temporary buffer in ION's SDR data store, concatenating the lines
of the file and retaining all newline characters. Then it invokes the bp_send() function
to create and send a bundle whose payload is this temporary buffer, whose destination is
destination_endpoint_ID, and whose source endpoint ID is own_endpoint_ID. Then it


"0" Load/Go file transmission succeeded.

"1" Load/Go file transmission failed. Examine ion.log to determine the cause of the
failure, then re-run.

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