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mac-robber - collects data about allocated files in mounted filesystems


mac-robber [OPTION]
mac-robber <DIRECTORY>


mac-robber is a digital investigation tool (digital forensics) that collects metadata from
allocated files in a mounted filesystem. This is useful during incident response when
analyzing a live system or when analyzing a dead system in a lab. The data can be used by
the mactime tool in The Sleuth Kit (TSK or SleuthKit only) to make a timeline of file
activity. The mac-robber tool is based on the grave-robber tool from TCT (The Coroners

mac-robber requires that the filesystem be mounted by the operating system, unlike the
tools in The Sleuth Kit that process the filesystem themselves. Therefore, mac-robber
will not collect data from deleted files or files that have been hidden by rootkits.

mac-robber will also modify the Access times on directories that are mounted with write
permissions. When in forensics analysis you should mount the target partition as read-

mac-robber is useful when dealing with a filesystem that is not supported by The Sleuth
Kit or other filesystem analysis tools. You can run mac-robber on an obscure, suspect UNIX
filesystem that has been mounted read-only on a trusted system.


-h Print help.

-V Show the version.


To see metadata from all files in a directory (recursively):

$ mac-robber /home/user/directory

To make a timeline using mactime command from The Sleuth Kit (TSK) and setting Brazilian

$ mac-robber /home/user/directory | mactime -z BRT

An alternative is write the results into a file and read it using mactime:

$ mac-robber /home/user/directory > /tmp/files.mr
$ mactime -b /tmp/files.mr -z BRT

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