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maildirkw - set maildir message keywords


maildirkw [-c] [-l] [-a] [-r] {maildir} {message} [keyword...]

maildirkw [-c] {-L} {maildir}


maildirkw modifies the Courier IMAP server compatible maildir message keywords. This
command allows an easy way to set or clear custom IMAP keywords associated with a
particular message. maildir is the pathname to a maildir, or a maildir folder. The -L
option lists all messages in the maildir, and their associated keywords. message
specified which message's keywords should be set. One or more keywords specifies a list of
keywords to be set for this message. The specified list of keywords replaces any keywords
presently set for the message, unless the -a or the -r option is specified.

The -a option adds the keyword to existing keywords that are set for message. The -r
removes keywords from message, leaving any remaining keywords set in place.

The -l should be used if the Courier IMAP server's configuration file has the
IMAP_USELOCKS option set. -l enables a compatible locking mechanism to update the
message's keywords.

-c enables case-sensitive keywords. IMAP keywords are normally case insensitive. -c needs
to be used if the SMAP1[1] protocol extension is used, which uses case sensitive keywords.

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