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mb2md — Converts Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format.


mb2md [-h]

mb2md [-c] [-m] [-d destdir]

mb2md [-c] [-s sourcefile] [-d destdir]

mb2md [-c] [-s sourcedir] [-l wu-mailboxlist] [-R|-f somefolder] [-d destdir] [-r


mb2md Converts Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format.


-h Show summary of options.

-c Use the Content-Length: headers (if present) to find the beginning of the next
message. Use with caution! Results may be unreliable. I recommend to do a run
without "-c" first and only use it if you are certain, that the mbox in question
really needs the "-c" option.

-m If this is used then the source will be the single mailbox at
/var/spool/mail/blah for user blah and the destination mailbox will be the
"destdir" mailbox itself.

-s sourcedir
Directory, relative to the user's home directory, which is where the the
"somefolders" directories are located. Or if directory starts with a "/" or "."
it is taken as a absolute path, e.g. /mnt/oldmail/user _OR_ A single mbox file
which will be converted to the destdir.

-R If defined, do not skip directories found in a mailbox directory, but runs
recursively into each of them, creating all wanted folders in Maildir.

Incompatible with '-f'

-f somefolder
Directories, relative to "sourcedir" where the Mbox files are. All mailboxes in
the "sourcedir" directory will be converted and placed in the "destdir"
directory. (Typically the Inbox directory which in this instance is also
functioning as a folder for other mailboxes.)

The "somefolder" directory name will be encoded into the new mailboxes' names.
See the example in the USAGE file (see below).

This does not save an UW IMAP dummy message file at the start of the Mbox file.
Small changes in the code could adapt it for looking for other distinctive
patterns of dummy messages too.

Don't let the source directory you give as "somefolders" contain any "."s in its
name, unless you want to create subfolders from the IMAP user's point of view.
See the example in the USAGE file (see below).

Incompatible with '-R'

-d destdir
Directory where the Maildir format directories will be created. If not given,
then the destination will be ~/Maildir . Typically, this is what the IMAP
server sees as the Inbox and the folder for all user mailboxes. If this begins
with a '/' the path is considered to be absolute, otherwise it is relative to
the users home directory.

-r strip_extension
If defined this extension will be stripped from the original mailbox file name
before creating the corresponding maildir. The extension must be given without
the leading dot ("."). See the example in the USAGE file (see below).

-l UW-file
File containing the list of subscribed folders. If migrating from UW-IMAP the
list of subscribed folders will be found in the file called .mailboxlist in the
users home directory. This will convert all subscribed folders for a single

/bin/mb2md -s mail -l .mailboxlist -R -d Maildir

and for all users in a directory as root you can do the following:

for i in *; do echo $i;su - $i -c "/bin/mb2md -s mail -l .mailboxlist -R -d


Please read the USAGE documentation (zless /usr/share/doc/mb2md/USAGE.gz).

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