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mlprof - display profiling information for a MLton-compiled executable


mlprof [option ...] a.out [mlmon.out ...]


mlprof extracts information from an executable compiled by MLton with -profile alloc or
-profile time and the resulting mlmon.out file produced by running the executable.

The output of mlprof consists of an initial line indicating the total amount of CPU time
or bytes allocated. After this, source functions are listed along with the percentage of
this total that they used, in decreasing order. If the program was compiled with
-profile-stack true, mlprof will display the time spent or bytes allocated while the
function was on the stack and in GC in addition to the time or bytes that the function is
directly responsible for.

With multiple mlmon.out files, mlprof will sum the profiling information.


-call-graph file
Write a call graph containing the table data to a dot file. See the MLton User
Guide for details.

-graph-title string
Set the call-graph title.

-gray {false|true}
Gray call-graph nodes according to stack %. This only makes sense if the
executable was compiled -profile-stack true.

-keep exp
Only show functions specified by exp. For details on the allowed expressions, see
the MLton User Guide. Multiple -keep expressions are not allowed.

-mlmon file
Process the list of whitespace-separated mlmon.out files found in the specified

-raw {false|true}
Show the raw counts in addition to the percentages.

-show-line {false|true}
Show the file and line for each function.

-split regexp
Treat duplicates of functions whose name matches regexp as different functions.

-thresh x
An abbreviation for -keep '(thresh x)', which only prints information about
functions whose percentage is greater than or equal to x, where 0 <= x <= 100.0.

-tolerant {false|true}
Print a warning about broken mlmon.out files, but do not exit.

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