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6.1.2. Info Documents‌

The GNU project has written manuals for most of its programs in the info format; this is why many manual pages refer to the corresponding info documentation. This format offers some advantages but the default program to view these documents (also called info) is slightly more complex. You would be well advised to use pinfo instead (from the pinfo package). To install it, simply run apt update followed by apt install pinfo (see section, “Installing Packages with APT” [page 177]).

The info documentation has a hierarchical structure and if you invoke pinfo without parameters, it will display a list of the nodes available at the first level. Usually, nodes bear the name of the corresponding commands.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate between nodes. Alternatively, you could also use a graph- ical browser (which is a lot more user-friendly) such as konqueror or yelp.

As far as language translations are concerned, the info system is always in English and is not suit- able for translation, unlike the man page system. However, when you ask the pinfo program to display a non-existing info page, it will fall back on the man page by the same name (if it exists), which might be translated.

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