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6.1.5. Kali Documentation at docs.kali.org‌

The Kali project maintains a collection of useful documentation at http://docs.kali.org. While this book covers a large part of what you should know about Kali Linux, the documentation there might still be useful as it contains step-by-step instructions (much like how-tos) on many topics.


Let’s review the various topics covered there:

• Getting started: a series of instructions, including download instructions, for those new to Kali

• Kali Linux Live: documentation describing how to use Kali Linux as a live system

• Installing Kali Linux: various documents describing Kali Linux installation, including how to install it side-by-side with other operating systems

• Kali Linux on ARM: many recipes about running Kali Linux on various ARM-based devices

• Using Kali Linux: multiple how-tos covering many common requests

• Customizing Kali Linux: instructions for the tinkerers who like to rebuild Kali based on their own requirements

• Kali Community Support: pointers to the various communities where you can get support and explanations on how to submit bug reports

• Kali Linux Policies: explanations about what makes Kali Linux special when compared to other Linux distributions

• The Kali Linux Dojo: videos of Black Hat and DEF CON workshops

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