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7.2.1. On a Server‌

If you run Kali Linux on a publicly accessible server, you most likely want to secure network ser- vices by changing any default passwords that might be configured (see section 7.3, “Securing Net- work Services” [page 153]) and possibly also by restricting their access with a firewall (see sec- tion 7.4, “Firewall or Packet Filtering” [page 153]).

If you hand out user accounts either directly on the server or on one of the services, you want to ensure that you set strong passwords (they should resist brute-force attacks). At the same time, you might want to setup fail2ban, which will make it much harder to brute-force passwords over the network (by filtering away IP addresses that exceed a limit of failed login attempts). Install fail2ban with apt update followed by apt install fail2ban.

If you run web services, you probably want to host them over HTTPS to prevent network interme- diaries from sniffing your traffic (which might include authentication cookies).

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