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1.5.1. Single Root User by Default‌‌

Most Linux distributions encourage, quite sensibly, the use of a non-privileged account while run- ning the system and the use of a utility like sudo when administrative privileges are needed. This is sound security advice, providing an extra layer of protection between the user and any poten- tially disruptive or destructive operating system commands or operations. This is especially true for multiple user systems, where user privilege separation is a requirement—misbehavior by one user can disrupt or destroy the work of many users.

Since many tools included in Kali Linux can only be executed with root privileges, this is the de- fault Kali user account. Unlike other Linux distributions, you will not be prompted to create a non-privileged user when installing Kali. This particular policy is a major deviation from most Linux systems and tends to be very confusing for less experienced users. Beginners should be es- pecially careful when using Kali since most destructive mistakes occur when operating with root privileges.

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