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11.4.3. Web Vulnerabilities‌

Due to the fact that modern web sites are no longer static pages, but instead dynamically generated for the user, the average website is quite complex. Web vulnerabilities take advantage of this complexity in an effort to attack either the back end page generation logic or the presentation to the visitor of the site.

These sorts of attacks are extremely common, as many organizations have reached the point where they have very few externally facing services. Two of the most prevalent web application attack types31 are SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

• SQL injection: These attacks take advantage of improperly-programmed applications that do not properly sanitize user input, leading to the ability to extract information from the database or even the complete takeover of the server.

• Cross-site scripting: As with SQL injection, XSS attacks result from improper sanitization of user input, allowing attackers to manipulate the user or site into executing code in the context of their own browser session.

Complex, rich, and complicated web applications are very common, presenting a welcome attack surface for malicious parties. You will find a large number of useful tools in the Web Application Analysis menu category and the kali-linux-web metapackage.

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