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5.2.2. Modifying an Existing Account or Password‌

The following commands allow modification of the information stored in specific fields of the user databases:

passwd—permits a regular user to change their password, which in turn, updates the /etc/ shadow file.

chfn—(CHange Full Name), reserved for the super-user (root), modifies the GECOS, or ”gen- eral information” field.

chsh—(CHange SHell) changes the user’s login shell. However, available choices will be lim- ited to those listed in /etc/shells; the administrator, on the other hand, is not bound by this restriction and can set the shell to any program chosen.

chage—(CHange AGE) allows the administrator to change the password expiration settings by passing the user name as an argument or list current settings using the -l user option.

Alternatively, you can also force the expiration of a password using the passwd -e user

command, which forces the user to change their password the next time they log in.

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