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20 – Text Processing‌

All Unix-like operating systems rely heavily on text files for data storage. So it makes sense that there are many tools for manipulating text. In this chapter, we will look at pro- grams that are used to “slice and dice” text. In the next chapter, we will look at more text processing, focusing on programs that are used to format text for printing and other kinds of human consumption.

This chapter will revisit some old friends and introduce us to some new ones:

cat – Concatenate files and print on the standard output

sort – Sort lines of text files

uniq – Report or omit repeated lines

cut – Remove sections from each line of files

paste – Merge lines of files

join – Join lines of two files on a common field

comm – Compare two sorted files line by line

diff – Compare files line by line

patch – Apply a diff file to an original

tr – Translate or delete characters

sed – Stream editor for filtering and transforming text

aspell – Interactive spell checker


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