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How To Write A Shell Script

To successfully create and run a shell script, we need to do three things:

1. Write a script. Shell scripts are ordinary text files. So we need a text editor to write them. The best text editors will provide syntax highlighting, allowing us to see a color-coded view of the elements of the script. Syntax highlighting will help us spot certain kinds of common errors. vim, gedit, kate, and many other edi- tors are good candidates for writing scripts.

2. Make the script executable. The system is rather fussy about not letting any old text file be treated as a program, and for good reason! We need to set the script file’s permissions to allow execution.

How To Write A Shell Script

3. Put the script somewhere the shell can find it. The shell automatically searches certain directories for executable files when no explicit pathname is specified. For maximum convenience, we will place our scripts in these directories.

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