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Who Should Read This Book

This book is for new Linux users who have migrated from other platforms. Most likely you are a “power user” of some version of Microsoft Windows. Perhaps your boss has told you to administer a Linux server, or maybe you're just a desktop user who is tired of all the security problems and want to give Linux a try. That's fine. All are welcome here.

That being said, there is no shortcut to Linux enlightenment. Learning the command line is challenging and takes real effort. It's not that it's so hard, but rather it's so vast. The av-

erage Linux system has literally thousands of programs you can employ on the command line. Consider yourself warned; learning the command line is not a casual endeavor.

On the other hand, learning the Linux command line is extremely rewarding. If you think you're a “power user” now, just wait. You don't know what real power isyet. And, un- like many other computer skills, knowledge of the command line is long lasting. The skills learned today will still be useful ten years from now. The command line has sur- vived the test of time.

It is also assumed that you have no programming experience, but not to worry, we'll start you down that path as well.

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