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First Internet Edition

Jenny Watson, Acquisitions Editor at Wiley Publishing who originally suggested that I write a shell scripting book.

John C. Dvorak, noted columnist and pundit. In an episode of his video podcast, “Cranky Geeks,” Mr. Dvorak described the process of writing: “Hell. Write 200 words a day and in a year, you have a novel.” This advice led me to write a page a day until I had a book.

Dmitri Popov wrote an article in Free Software Magazine titled, “Creating a book tem- plate with Writer,” which inspired me to use OpenOffice.org Writer for composing the text. As it turned out, it worked wonderfully.

Mark Polesky performed an extraordinary review and test of the text.

Jesse Becker, Tomasz Chrzczonowicz, Michael Levin, Spence Miner also tested and re- viewed portions of the text.

Karen M. Shotts contributed a lot of hours, polishing my so-called English by editing the text.

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