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6.40.2. Contents of Perl‌

Installed programs: corelist, cpan, enc2xs, encguess, h2ph, h2xs, instmodsh, json_pp, libnetcfg, perl, perl5.30.0 (hard link to perl), perlbug, perldoc, perlivp, perlthanks (hard link to perlbug), piconv, pl2pm, pod2html, pod2man, pod2text, pod2usage, podchecker, podselect, prove, ptar, ptardiff, ptargrep, shasum, splain, xsubpp, and zipdetails

Installed libraries: Many which cannot all be listed here

Installed directory: /usr/lib/perl5

Short Descriptions

corelist A commandline frontend to Module::CoreList

cpan Interact with the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) from the command line

enc2xs Builds a Perl extension for the Encode module from either Unicode Character Mappings or Tcl Encoding Files

encguess Guess the encoding type of one or several files h2ph Converts .h C header files to .ph Perl header files h2xs Converts .h C header files to Perl extensions‌‌

instmodsh Shell script for examining installed Perl modules, and can create a tarball from an installed module

json_pp Converts data between certain input and output formats

libnetcfg Can be used to configure the libnet Perl module

perl Combines some of the best features of C, sed, awk and sh into a single swiss-army language

perl5.30.0 A hard link to perl

perlbug Used to generate bug reports about Perl, or the modules that come with it, and mail them

perldoc Displays a piece of documentation in pod format that is embedded in the Perl installation tree or in a Perl script

perlivp The Perl Installation Verification Procedure; it can be used to verify that Perl and its libraries have been installed correctly

perlthanks Used to generate thank you messages to mail to the Perl developers

piconv A Perl version of the character encoding converter iconv

pl2pm A rough tool for converting Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm modules

pod2html Converts files from pod format to HTML format pod2man Converts pod data to formatted *roff input pod2text Converts pod data to formatted ASCII text‌‌

pod2usage Prints usage messages from embedded pod docs in files podchecker Checks the syntax of pod format documentation files podselect Displays selected sections of pod documentation‌‌

prove Command line tool for running tests against the Test::Harness module

ptar A tar-like program written in Perl

ptardiff A Perl program that compares an extracted archive with an unextracted one ptargrep A Perl program that applies pattern matching to the contents of files in a tar archive shasum Prints or checks SHA checksums‌‌

splain Is used to force verbose warning diagnostics in Perl

xsubpp Converts Perl XS code into C code

zipdetails Displays details about the internal structure of a Zip file

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