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6.44.2. Contents of Automake

Installed programs: aclocal, aclocal-1.16 (hard linked with aclocal), automake, and automake-1.16 (hard linked with automake)

Installed directories: /usr/share/aclocal-1.16, /usr/share/automake-1.16, and /usr/share/doc/automake-1.16.1

Short Descriptions

aclocal Generates aclocal.m4 files based on the contents of configure.in files

aclocal-1.16 A hard link to aclocal

automake A tool for automatically generating Makefile.in files from Makefile.am files [To create all the Makefile.in files for a package, run this program in the top-level directory. By scanning the configure.in file, it automatically finds each appropriate Makefile.am file and generates the corresponding Makefile.in file.]

automake-1.16 A hard link to automake

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