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6.73.3. Contents of Util-linux

Installed programs: addpart, agetty, blkdiscard, blkid, blkzone, blockdev, cal, cfdisk, chcpu, chmem, choom, chrt, col, colcrt, colrm, column, ctrlaltdel, delpart, dmesg, eject, fallocate, fdformat, fdisk, fincore, findfs, findmnt, flock, fsck, fsck.cramfs, fsck.minix, fsfreeze, fstrim, getopt, hexdump, hwclock, i386, ionice, ipcmk, ipcrm, ipcs, isosize, kill, last, lastb (link to last), ldattach, linux32, linux64, logger, look, losetup, lsblk, lscpu, lsipc, lslocks, lslogins, lsmem, lsns, mcookie, mesg, mkfs, mkfs.bfs, mkfs.cramfs, mkfs.minix, mkswap, more, mount, mountpoint, namei, nsenter, partx, pivot_root, prlimit, raw, readprofile, rename, renice, resizepart, rev, rfkill, rtcwake, script, scriptreplay, setarch, setsid, setterm, sfdisk, sulogin, swaplabel, swapoff (link to swapon), swapon, switch_root, taskset, ul, umount, uname26, unshare, utmpdump, uuidd, uuidgen, uuidparse, wall, wdctl, whereis, wipefs, x86_64, and zramctl

Installed libraries: libblkid.so, libfdisk.so, libmount.so, libsmartcols.so, and libuuid.so

Installed directories: /usr/include/blkid, /usr/include/libfdisk, /usr/include/libmount, /usr/include/ libsmartcols, /usr/include/uuid, /usr/share/doc/util-linux-2.34, and /var/lib/hwclock

Short Descriptions

addpart Informs the Linux kernel of new partitions

agetty Opens a tty port, prompts for a login name, and then invokes the login program

blkdiscard Discards sectors on a device

blkid A command line utility to locate and print block device attributes

blkzone Runs zone command on the given block device

blockdev Allows users to call block device ioctls from the command line

cal Displays a simple calendar

cfdisk Manipulates the partition table of the given device

chcpu Modifies the state of CPUs

chmem Configures memory

choom Displays and adjusts OOM-killer score

chrt Manipulates real-time attributes of a process

col Filters out reverse line feeds

colcrt Filters nroff output for terminals that lack some capabilities, such as overstriking and half-lines

colrm Filters out the given columns

column Formats a given file into multiple columns

ctrlaltdel Sets the function of the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to a hard or a soft reset

delpart Asks the Linux kernel to remove a partition

dmesg Dumps the kernel boot messages

eject Ejects removable media

fallocate Preallocates space to a file

fdformat Low-level formats a floppy disk

fdisk Manipulates the partition table of the given device

fincore Counts pages of file contents in core

findfs Finds a file system by label or Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

findmnt Is a command line interface to the libmount library for work with mountinfo, fstab and mtab files

flock Acquires a file lock and then executes a command with the lock held

fsck Is used to check, and optionally repair, file systems

fsck.cramfs Performs a consistency check on the Cramfs file system on the given device

fsck.minix Performs a consistency check on the Minix file system on the given device

fsfreeze Is a very simple wrapper around FIFREEZE/FITHAW ioctl kernel driver operations

fstrim Discards unused blocks on a mounted filesystem

getopt Parses options in the given command line

hexdump Dumps the given file in hexadecimal or in another given format

hwclock Reads or sets the system's hardware clock, also called the Real-Time Clock (RTC) or Basic Input-

Output System (BIOS) clock

i386 A symbolic link to setarch

ionice Gets or sets the io scheduling class and priority for a program

ipcmk Creates various IPC resources

ipcrm Removes the given Inter-Process Communication (IPC) resource

ipcs Provides IPC status information

isosize Reports the size of an iso9660 file system

kill Sends signals to processes

last Shows which users last logged in (and out), searching back through the /var/log/wtmp file; it also shows system boots, shutdowns, and run-level changes

lastb Shows the failed login attempts, as logged in /var/log/btmp

ldattach Attaches a line discipline to a serial line

linux32 A symbolic link to setarch

linux64 A symbolic link to setarch

logger Enters the given message into the system log

look Displays lines that begin with the given string

losetup Sets up and controls loop devices

lsblk Lists information about all or selected block devices in a tree-like format

lscpu Prints CPU architecture information

lsipc Prints information on IPC facilities currently employed in the system

lslocks Lists local system locks

lslogins Lists information about users, groups and system accounts lsmem Lists the ranges of available memory with their online status lsns Lists namespaces‌‌

mcookie Generates magic cookies (128-bit random hexadecimal numbers) for xauth mesg Controls whether other users can send messages to the current user's terminal mkfs Builds a file system on a device (usually a hard disk partition)‌‌

mkfs.bfs Creates a Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) bfs file system

mkfs.cramfs Creates a cramfs file system

mkfs.minix Creates a Minix file system

mkswap Initializes the given device or file to be used as a swap area

more A filter for paging through text one screen at a time

mount Attaches the file system on the given device to a specified directory in the file-system tree

mountpoint Checks if the directory is a mountpoint

namei Shows the symbolic links in the given pathnames

nsenter Runs a program with namespaces of other processes

partx Tells the kernel about the presence and numbering of on-disk partitions pivot_root Makes the given file system the new root file system of the current process prlimit Get and set a process' resource limits‌‌

raw Bind a Linux raw character device to a block device

readprofile Reads kernel profiling information

rename Renames the given files, replacing a given string with another

renice Alters the priority of running processes resizepart Asks the Linux kernel to resize a partition rev Reverses the lines of a given file‌‌

rkfill Tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices

rtcwake Used to enter a system sleep state until specified wakeup time

script Makes a typescript of a terminal session

scriptreplay Plays back typescripts using timing information

setarch Changes reported architecture in a new program environment and sets personality flags

setsid Runs the given program in a new session

setterm Sets terminal attributes

sfdisk A disk partition table manipulator

sulogin Allows root to log in; it is normally invoked by init when the system goes into single user mode

swaplabel Allows to change swaparea UUID and label

swapoff Disables devices and files for paging and swapping

swapon Enables devices and files for paging and swapping and lists the devices and files currently in use

switch_root Switches to another filesystem as the root of the mount tree

tailf Tracks the growth of a log file; displays the last 10 lines of a log file, then continues displaying any new entries in the log file as they are created

taskset Retrieves or sets a process' CPU affinity

ul A filter for translating underscores into escape sequences indicating underlining for the terminal in use

umount Disconnects a file system from the system's file tree

uname26 A symbolic link to setarch

unshare Runs a program with some namespaces unshared from parent

utmpdump Displays the content of the given login file in a more user-friendly format

uuidd A daemon used by the UUID library to generate time-based UUIDs in a secure and guaranteed- unique fashion

uuidgen Creates new UUIDs. Each new UUID can reasonably be considered unique among all UUIDs created, on the local system and on other systems, in the past and in the future

uuidparse An utility to parse unique identifiers

wall Displays the contents of a file or, by default, its standard input, on the terminals of all currently logged in users

wdctl Shows hardware watchdog status

whereis Reports the location of the binary, source, and man page for the given command

wipefs Wipes a filesystem signature from a device

x86_64 A symbolic link to setarch

zramctl A program to set up and control zram (compressed ram disk) devices libblkid Contains routines for device identification and token extraction libfdisk Contains routines for manipulating partition tables‌‌

libmount Contains routines for block device mounting and unmounting

libsmartcols Contains routines for aiding screen output in tabular form

libuuid Contains routines for generating unique identifiers for objects that may be accessible beyond the local system

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