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6.10. Lesson Summary‌

In this lesson, you learned that:

• GNOME is the default desktop for Ubuntu. You can use the Preferences option on the System menu to customise the Ubuntu desktop look and feel.

• You can manage your file system using the Nautilus file manager. Use the spatial mode to open each folder in a separate window and view the content of various folders simultaneously. Use the browser mode to open folders in a single window.

• Add/Remove Applications is the easiest tool to install or uninstall packages.

• You can use Synaptic Package Manager to install or uninstall advanced applications that cannot be installed using Add/Remove.

• To install a package that is not available in the Ubuntu archives, you can download and install it from Web sites. These files are associated with the package managers of specific Linux distribution and are referred to as single package files.

• Tarballs are zipped archive files that contain the source code of a programme. You can use advanced command line tools to install or uninstall the tarball file.

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