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9.4.3. IRC Channels‌

The IRC channels are a form of real-time Internet chat that enable users to talk directly (and immediately) with one another.

IRC channels are available on the freenode network, irc.freenode.net. The best channel for you to interact with other Ubuntu users is #ubuntu. Other specialised channels related to Ubuntu variants, such as #kubuntu,

#edubuntu and #xubuntu are also available. In addition, channels related to bugs, development, LoCo teams, accessibility and documentation are also available.

image Note:

To see a list of IRC channels and clients, go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelay-


There are many ways to connect to an IRC channel and one of them is by using the Pidgin instant messenger. Connecting to Pidgin was covered in Lesson 3.

Procedure 9.1. Once in Pidgin, you can access various IRC channels by:

1. Open the Buddies menu to view the available options, and click Add Chat. This displays the Add Chat

dialogue box.


Figure 9.15. Buddies Menu

2. To interact with ubuntu users, type #Ubuntu in the Screen name field. Then click Add. This adds the Ubuntu users' account to your Buddies List.


Figure 9.16. Add Chat Dialogue Box

3. Notice that #ubuntu is added as an IRC account to your Buddy List. Double-click the account name to enter the IRC channel for Ubuntu users.


Figure 9.17. Buddy List

4. You have now entered the IRC channel for Ubuntu users. You can use the box at the bottom of the window to type your messages, and press Enter to send them.


Figure 9.18. IRC Channel for Ubuntu Users

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