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9.7.1. Professional Support Services from Canonical‌

Canonical Global Support Services are deployed to enable 24x7 assistance to customers. The Global Support Services team utilises its vast experience and knowledge base to identify the challenges that customers may face when installing and maintaining new platforms and applications. From optimising your small office set-up to providing guidance on very large deployments, the Global Support Services team is always ready to help you get the most out of Ubuntu.

Support is provided for desktops, servers and thin client servers, and clusters. The following screenshot shows the various types of support services offered:


Figure 9.33. The Various Type of Support Page

To purchase commercial support, click the contact us link available at the bottom of the Canonical Global Support Services page. This takes you to the About us page. You can fill the form provided on this page to request more information about Canonical Global Support Services. Alternatively, you may click the Purchase Support button present in the left Navigation pane. If you are a company employee, ask your I.S. team for details of your support options as this will vary from company to company.


Figure 9.34. About Us Page

After you purchase the support, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message containing your support ID number. You will also receive a phone call welcoming you to the service.

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