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10.6. Lab Exercise‌

Exercise 1. As a previous Microsoft Windows user, you want to have a dual-boot configuration on your computer and create a separate partition to run Microsoft Windows on it. To perform this task, you need to create a 5-GB primary partition and format it with a Microsoft Windows-compatible file system.

Procedure 10.4. Option a: To create a Partition using Partition Editor:

1. On the System menu, point to Administration and then click Partition Editor.

2. In the drive drop-down box, select the hard drive you need to partition by specifying its logical name. The window refreshes and shows you a representation of the drive.

3. Right-click the white bar and click New to create a new partition. The Create new Partition dialogue box appears, in which you choose the specifications of the new partition.

4. In the New Size dialogue box, select the size of the new partition.

5. In the Create as box, select Primary Partition.

6. Next, specify the file system. Select ntfs.

7. Click Add to compute the partition. The graphical display updates to show a new partition on the disk.

8. If you are sure about the specification of the new partition, click Apply. The disk will be partitioned and formatted.




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