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1.4.1. Installation‌

Table 1.2. Installation Differences



Microsoft Windows

OS Installation

• Freely downloadable from the In- ternet or using a free CD

• Can be used directly from the live- CD

• Purchase required

• OS must be installed on computer hard drive

Software Instal- lation

• Huge variety of applications avail- able by default

• All freely downloadable from the Internet

• Limited selection of software available by default

• Users can purchase and download some software online, others can only be manually installed

OS Installation: Both Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu come as pre-installed OSs on computers. However, to install post-purchase, Ubuntu can be freely downloaded from the Internet or a free CD can be requested. Any Microsoft Windows version will need to be purchased.

Ubuntu comes in live-CD mode which means you can use the OS directly from the CD without installing it on a host computer. If you like what you see, install it. If you don't, pass it on to a friend. The live-CD option is also useful for system recovery.

The installation of Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu is easy and conducted by running the installation CD and booting the computer. Both installations vary in length according to how powerful your computer is, with an average install taking 20 - 30 minutes.

Software Installation: You can add software on Ubuntu by using the Add/Remove Applications and Synaptic Package Manager. The Add/Remove Applications allows you to search the entire directory of free applications recommended for Ubuntu and install the ones you want. In Microsoft Windows, each programme supplies its own installation method. Microsoft Vista has a Digital Locker feature enables users to purchase software online and download it in a protected manner.


Figure 1.7. Installing Software Applications

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