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3.7. Lesson Summary‌

In this lesson, you learned that:

• You can connect a computer to the Internet using cable, wireless and dial-up connections.

• Mozilla Firefox is an open source, powerful and secure Web browser. It is available for free and is the default browser on Ubuntu.

• Firefox includes two powerful features that make your online experience better and more productive -inte- grated search system and bookmarking.

• Liferea is an RSS feed reader, which offers useful features to manage your newsgroup subscription.

• Evolution is the default e-mail client for Ubuntu.

• Mozilla Thunderbird is the e-mail application developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is a free, cross-platform e-mail and news client.

• The default instant messenger client on Ubuntu is Pidgin. It is a cross-platform instant messenger that supports multiple popular IM network protocols.

• Ekiga is the default open source softphone application for Ubuntu.

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