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The arm64 offers two unique kinds of disk storage - DASD and FCP (or zFCP).

# Activate DASD disks

#d-i s390-dasd/dasd string 0.0.0200,0.0.0300,0.0.0400

# DASD configuration; by default dasdfmt (low-level format) if needed

#d-i s390-dasd/auto-format boolean true

#d-i s390-dasd/force-format boolean true

# zFCP activation and configuration

# d-i s390-zfcp/zfcp string 0.0.1b34:0x400870075678a1b2:0x201480c800000000, \

# 0.0.1b34:0x400870075679a1b2:0x201480c800000000

B.4.8. Partitioning

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