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D.4.7. Remote access: Installing SSH and setting up access

In case you can login to the system via console, you can skip this section. If the system should be accessible via the network later on, you need to install SSH and set up access.

# apt install openssh-server

Root login with password is disabled by default, so setting up access can be done by setting a password and re-enable root login with password:

# passwd

# editor /etc/ssh/sshd_config

This is the option to be enabled:

PermitRootLogin yes

Access can also be set up by adding an ssh key to the root account:

# mkdir /root/.ssh

# cat << EOF > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys ssh-rsa ....


Lastly, access can be set up by adding a non-root user and setting a password:

# adduser joe

# passwd joe

D.4.8. Finishing touches

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