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With some exceptions, a value can be set at the boot prompt for any question asked during the instal- lation, though this is only really useful in specific cases. General instructions how to do this can be found in Section B.2.2. Some specific examples are listed below.

debian-installer/language (language) debian-installer/country (country) debian-installer/locale (locale)

There are two ways to specify the language, country and locale to use for the installation and the installed system.

The first and easiest is to pass only the parameter locale. Language and country will then be derived from its value. You can for example use locale=de_CH to select German as language and Switzerland as country (de_CH.UTF-8 will be set as default locale for the installed system). Limitation is that not all possible combinations of language, country and locale can be achieved this way.

The second, more flexible option is to specify language and country separately. In this case locale can optionally be added to specify a specific default locale for the installed system. Example: language=en country=DE locale=en_GB.UTF-8.

anna/choose_modules (modules)

Can be used to automatically load installer components that are not loaded by default. Examples of optional components that may be useful are openssh-client-udeb (so you can use scp during the installation) and ppp-udeb (see Section D.5).


Set to true if you want to disable IPv6 autoconfiguration and DHCP and instead force static network configuration.

mirror/protocol (protocol)

By default the installer will use the http protocol to download files from Ubuntu mirrors and changing that to ftp is not possible during installations at normal priority. By setting this param- eter to ftp, you can force the installer to use that protocol instead. Note that you cannot select an ftp mirror from a list, you have to enter the hostname manually.

tasksel:tasksel/first (tasks)

Can be used to select tasks that are not available from the interactive task list, such as the

kde-desktop task. See Section for additional information.

apt-setup/restricted=false apt-setup/multiverse=false

This is the equivalent of enabling the “Free Software Only” boot mode. This will disable the restricted and multiverse repositories at the earliest stages of the debian-installer. This can be helpful is you don’t need them at all or don’t mirror those repositoriesat your local mirror.’

5.3.4. Passing parameters to kernel modules

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