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bindechexascii - converts ASCII, binary, decimal, hexadecimal and prints results on the in


bindechexascii [options] arg1 arg2 arg3


bindechexascii is a program that converts the argument from standard input to the
numbering system or character set (ASCII) specified in the option and prints the result on
the screen. That way you can perform the following conversion: binary to decimal, binary
to hex, binary to ASCII, decimal to binary, decimal to hex, decimal to ASCII, hex to
binary, hex to decimal, hex to ASCII, ASCII to binary, ASCII to decimal, ASCII to hex.


-h, --help
Print this help

-i, --info
Print information about program

--b2d Binary to decimal

--b2h Binary to hexadecimal

--b2a Binary to ASCII

--d2b Decimal to binary

--d2h Decimal to hexadecimal

--d2a Decimal to ASCII

--h2b Hexadecimal to binary

--h2d Hexadecimal to decimal

--h2a Hexadecimal to ASCII

--a2b ASCII to binary

--a2d ASCII to decimal

--a2h ASCII to hexadecimal


To convert the number 1000111 from binary to decimal:

bindechexascii --b2d 1000111

To convert the number 50 from decimal to binary:

bindechexascii --d2b 50

To convert the number 3F from hexadecimal to binary:

bindechexascii --h2b 3F

To convert the caractere 'a' from ASCII to binary:

bindechexascii --a2b a

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