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lsmbox - list number of total, old unread, and new messages for the specified mailbox(es)


lsmbox [OPTION]... [MAILBOX]...


lsmbox lists the number of messages in a mailbox. Both total, unread but old, and new
messages can be listed, for one or several mailbox files. Non-existing or empty mailboxes
will be silently ignored. If the program has been compiled with curses support, you can
execute a predefined command on a mailbox by choosing that mailbox using the cursor keys
and pressing enter. If the program has been compiled with ncurses, the command can also
be executed by clicking on the mailbox with the mouse-pointer.

By default, lsmbox will look in $MAIL (if defined) or /var/spool/mail/USERNAME for the
inbox, and in $HOME/Mail/ for other mailboxes. This can be overridden by changing the
default paths in $HOME/.lsmboxrc. See lsmboxrc(5) for further details. If $HOME is not
defined on your system, the program will look in the current directory for mailboxes.

If no mailbox is given as an argument, the program will default to listing information
about the mailboxes listed in $HOME/.lsmboxrc. If no default mailboxes have been
specified in that file, or if that file does not exist, the program will abort with an

A filename of ! denotes your inbox. A leading ("=") or ("+") in a filename will be
expanded into the path to your mail-directory.

If the name of a mailbox given at the command-line contains a path-separator ("/"), it is
assumed that the default mailbox path shall be ignored for that entry, unless it has a
leading ("=") or ("+").


-c, --continuous
Update statistics continuously rather than just listing them once. Exit with `q'
(waits for the next mailcheck to finish) or `<ctrl> + c' (aborts immediately).
Note: this option is only available if the program has been compiled with curses

-i, --check-interval
Interval in seconds between each update of the statistics. This option overrides
the environment variable $MAILCHECK. Using a low interval will give you faster
notification of newly arrived e-mail, but will put increased load on your system.
Note: this option is only available if the program has been compiled with curses

-n, --new-only
Only display mailboxes with new messages (and old unread, if the mark_old option
has been unset)

-o, --no-old
Do not display the number of old messages each mailbox contains

-p, --padding
Width to use for the mailbox column; leave empty to use the smallest possible

-s, --no-summary
Do not display a summary of the statistics for all mailboxes

-S, --short-names
Only display the name of the mailbox rather than the full path

-t, --no-total
Do not display total number of messages each mailbox contains

--help Display help for the command

Display version and author information


Interval in seconds between each update of the statistics.


To get information about your inbox:

lsmbox !

To get information about the mailboxes debian-devel, linux-kernel, and spam:

lsmbox debian-devel linux-kernel spam

To get information about the mailbox test which resides in your home directory:

lsmbox ~/test

To use lsmbox to keep track of updates in all mailboxes listed in $HOME/.lsmboxrc:

lsmbox -c

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