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r.li.renyi - Calculates Renyi’s diversity index on a raster map


raster, landscape structure analysis, diversity index


r.li.renyi --help
r.li.renyi input=name config=name alpha=string output=name [--overwrite] [--help]
[--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]

Allow output files to overwrite existing files

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog

input=name [required]
Name of input raster map

config=name [required]
Configuration file

alpha=string [required]
Alpha value is the order of the generalized entropy

output=name [required]
Name for output raster map


r.li.renyi calculates the "Renyi’s diversity index" as:

· H: Renyi entropy

· alpha: order of the generalized entropy

· i: patch type

· S: number of different patch types

· pi: proportional abundance of patch type i


Do not use absolute path names for the config and output file/map parameters. If the
"moving window" method was selected in g.gui.rlisetup, then the output will be a raster
map, otherwise an ASCII file will be generated in the folder
C:\Users\userxy\AppData\Roaming\GRASS7\r.li\output\ (MS-Windows) or
$HOME/.grass7/r.li/output/ (GNU/Linux).

If the input raster map contains only NULL values then r.li.renyi returns NULL.


To calculate Renyi’s diversity index on map my_map, using my_conf configuration file
(previously defined with g.gui.rlisetup) and saving results in my_out, run:
r.li.renyi input=my_map conf=my_conf output=my_out alpha=0.6

Forest map (Spearfish sample dataset) example:
g.region raster=landcover.30m -p
r.mapcalc "forests = if(landcover.30m >= 41 && landcover.30m <= 43,1,null())"
r.li.renyi input=forests conf=movwindow7 out=forests_renyi_mov7_a06 alpha=0.6
r.univar forests_renyi_mov7_a06

Forest map (North Carolina sample dataset) example:
g.region raster=landclass96 -p
r.mapcalc "forests = if(landclass96 == 5, 1, null() )"
r.li.renyi input=forests conf=movwindow7 out=forests_renyi_mov7
# verify
r.univar forests_renyi_mov7
r.to.vect input=forests output=forests type=area
d.mon wx0
d.rast forests_renyi_mov7
d.vect forests type=boundary

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