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The bash man pages contain more information about combining commands, for- and while-loops and regular expressions, as well as examples. A comprehensible Bash course for system administrators and power users, with exercises, from the same author as this Introduction to Linux guide, is at http://tille.garrels.be/training/bash/. Detailed description of Bash features and applications is in the reference guide Advanced Bash Scripting.‌


7.3. The graphical environment

7.3.1. Introduction

The average user may not care too much about his login settings, but Linux offers a wide variety of flashy window and desktop managers for use under X, the graphical environment. The use and configuration of window managers and desktops is straightforward and may even resemble the standard MS Windows, Apple or UNIX CDE environment, although many Linux users prefer flashier desktops and fancier window managers. We won't discuss the user specific configuration here. Just experiment and read the documentation using the built-in Help functions these managers provide and you will get along fine.


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