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• Knoppix: distribution that runs from a CD, you don't need to install anything for this one.

• DistroWatch.com: find a Linux that goes with your style.

• ...


A.2.4. Software

• Freshmeat: new software, software archives

• OpenSSH: Secure SHell site

• OpenOffice: MS compatible Office Suite

• KDE: K Desktop site

• GNU: GNU and GNU software

• Gnome: The official Gnome site

• RPM Find: all RPM packages

• Samba: MS Windows file and print services

• Home of the OpenLDAP Project: OpenLDAP server/clients/utilities, FAQ and other documentation.

• Sendmail Homepage: A thorough technical discussion of Sendmail features, includes configuration examples.

• Netfilter: contains assorted information about iptables: HOWTO, FAQ, guides, ...

• Official GIMP website: All information about the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

• SourceForge.net: Open SOurce software development site.

• vIm homepage


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