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6.2.2. #kali-linux IRC Channel on Freenode‌

IRC is a real-time chat system. Discussions happen in chat rooms that are called channels and are usually centered around a particular topic or community. The Kali Linux project uses the #kali- linux channel on the Freenode2 network (you can use chat.freenode.net as IRC server, on port 6667 for a TLS-encrypted connection or port 6666 for a clear-text connection).


1http://forums.kali.org 2http://www.freenode.net‌

To join the discussions on IRC, you have to use an IRC client such as hexchat (in graphical mode) or irssi (in console mode). There is also a web-based client available on webchat.freenode.net3.

While it is really easy to join the conversation, you should be aware that IRC channels have their own rules and that there are channel operators (their nickname is prefixed with @) who can en- force the rules: they can kick you out of the channel (or even ban you if you continue to disobey the rules). The #kali-linux channel is no exception. The rules have been documented here:


To summarize the rules: you have to be friendly, tolerant, and reasonable. You should avoid off-topic discussions. In particular, discussions about illegal activities, warez/cracks/pirated soft- ware, politics, and religions are forbidden. Keep in mind that your IP address will be available to others.

If you want to ask for help, follow the recommendations listed in “How to Avoid RTFM Answers” [page 124]: do your research first and share the results. When you are asked for supplementary information, please provide it accurately (if you must provide some verbose output, don’t paste it in the channel directly, instead use a service like Pastebin4 and post only the Pastebin URL).

Do not expect an immediate answer. Even though IRC is a real-time communication platform, participants log in from all over the world, so time zones and work schedules vary. It may take a few minutes or hours for someone to respond to your question. However, when others include your nickname in a reply, your nick will be highlighted and most IRC clients will notify you, so leave your client connected and be patient.

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