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6.3. Filing a Good Bug Report‌

If all of your efforts to resolve a problem fail, it is possible that the problem is due to a bug in the program. In this case, the problem may have resulted in a bug report. You can search for bug reports to find a solution to your problem but let’s take a look at the procedure of reporting a bug to Kali, Debian, or directly to the upstream developers so you understand the process should you need to submit your own report.

The goal of a bug report is to provide enough information so that the developers or maintainers of the (supposedly) faulty program can reproduce the problem, debug its behavior, and develop a fix. This means that your bug report must contain appropriate information and must be directed to the correct person or project team. The report must also be well-written and thorough, ensuring a faster response.

The exact procedure for the bug report will vary depending on where you will submit the report (Kali, Debian, upstream developers) but there are some generic recommendations that apply to all cases. In this chapter we will discuss those recommendations.


3http://webchat.freenode.net 4http://pastebin.com‌


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