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2.1.3. Verifying Integrity and Authenticity‌

Security professionals must verify the integrity of their tools to not only protect their data and networks but also those of their clients. While the Kali download page is TLS-protected, the actual download link points to an unencrypted URL that offers no protection against potential man-in- the-middle attacks. The fact that Kali relies on a network of external mirrors to distribute the

image means that you should not blindly trust what you download. The mirror you were directed to may have been compromised, or you might be the victim of an attack yourself.

To alleviate this, the Kali project always provides checksums of the images it distributes. But to make such a check effective, you must be sure that the checksum you grabbed is effectively the checksum published by the Kali Linux developers. You have different ways to ascertain this.


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