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9.2. System Documentation‌

The first resource that you should explore is the offline system documentation. The Ubuntu Documentation Team1 maintains and updates the documentation for each release. This documentation is very reliable and avail- able in different languages.

Ubuntu System documentation is organised into topic based help, including answers to common questions. It is accessed by clicking the Help and Support button located under the System Menu. The following screenshot shows the home page of the Help and Support offline system documentation.


Figure 9.2. System Documentation

New to Ubuntu? This section introduces you to the wonderful world of Ubuntu including an easy to use guide if you are migrating from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu. Also in this section, the help guide will explain how to use your desktop, the role of the administrator and basic computer skills. A great resource for any newcomers and a top-up to this desktop course.

Some applications do also offer access to the help system through the Help menu or keyboard shortcut F1.

One of the great features of the system documentation is the ability to search the documentation to help solve the problem you have. Simply type in the term you are looking for and the system will search all the documents and guides with related information.


1 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam

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