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3.1. Package Tasks‌

During the Server Edition installation you have the option of installing additional packages. The packages are grouped by the type of service they provide.

• DNS server: Selects the BIND DNS server and its documentation.

• LAMP server: Selects a ready-made Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP server.

• Mail server: This task selects a variety of packages useful for a general purpose mail server system.

• OpenSSH server: Selects packages needed for an OpenSSH server.

• PostgreSQL database: This task selects client and server packages for the PostgreSQL database.

• Print server: This task sets up your system to be a print server.

• Samba File server: This task sets up your system to be a Samba file server, which is especially suitable in networks with both Windows and Linux systems.

• Tomcat Java server: Installs Apache Tomcat and needed dependencies.

• Virtual Machine host: Includes packages needed to run KVM virtual machines.

• Manually select packages: Executes aptitude allowing you to individually select packages.

Installing the package groups is accomplished using the tasksel utility. One of the important differences between Ubuntu (or Debian) and other GNU/Linux distribution is that, when installed, a package is also configured to reasonable defaults, eventually prompting you for additional required information. Likewise, when installing a task, the packages are not only installed, but also configured to provided a fully integrated service.

Once the installation process has finished you can view a list of available tasks by entering the following from a terminal prompt:

tasksel --list-tasks


9 https://help.ubuntu.com/18.04/installation-guide/


The output will list tasks from other Ubuntu based distributions such as Kubuntu and Edubuntu. Note that you can also invoke the tasksel command by itself, which will bring up a menu of the different tasks available.

You can view a list of which packages are installed with each task using the --task-packages option. For example, to list the packages installed with the DNS Server task enter the following:

tasksel --task-packages dns-server

The output of the command should list:

bind9-doc bind9utils bind9

If you did not install one of the tasks during the installation process, but for example you decide to make your new LAMP server a DNS server as well, simply insert the installation media and from a terminal:

sudo tasksel install dns-server

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