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4.4. Configuration File Multipath Attributes‌

Table Multipath Attributes [p. 93] shows the attributes that you can set in the multipaths section of the multipath.conf configuration file for each specific multipath device. These attributes apply only to the one specified multipath. These defaults are used by DM-Multipath and override attributes set in the defaults and devices sections of the multipath.conf file.

Table 5.4. Multipath Attributes




Specifies the WWID of the multipath device to which the multipath attributes apply. This parameter is mandatory for this section of the multipath.conf file.


Specifies the symbolic name for the multipath device to which the multipath attributes apply. If you are using user_friendly_names, do not set this value to mpathn; this may conflict with an automatically assigned user friendly name and give you incorrect device node names.

In addition, the following parameters may be overridden in this multipath section

• path_grouping_policy

• path_selector

• failback

• prio

• prio_args

• no_path_retry

• rr_min_io

• rr_weight

• flush_on_last_del

The following example shows multipath attributes specified in the configuration file for two specific multipath devices. The first device has a WWID of 3600508b4000156d70001200000b0000 and a symbolic name of yellow.

The second multipath device in the example has a WWID of 1DEC 321816758474 and a symbolic name of red. In this example, the rr_weight attributes are set to priorities.

multipaths {

multipath {

wwid 3600508b4000156d70001200000b0000

alias yellow

path_grouping_policy multibus path_selector "round-robin 0"

failback manual

rr_weight priorities

no_path_retry 5


multipath {


1DEC 321816758474

alias red

rr_weight priorities



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